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Fleet utilization, optimization and productivity are often overlooked. By using a telematics system such as Geotab, you can improve utilization, fleet optimization, and increase productivity.

Fleet Utilization: Utilization in a fleet allows for flexibility to handle demand. Determining if you have the right quantity of vehicles in the right location at the right time is hard to achieve. Geotab allows you to see hours of usage clearly, allowing you to achieve a right-sized fleet. Maybe reallocating units to another branch, or even disposing of assets that you do not need. Right sizing your fleet will have a significant impact on your bottom line. Days driven, mileage, and drive time are the key factors to determine proper utilization. Simple reports make this process much easier to communicate to management.

Fleet Optimization: Fuel usage and fill-ups along with engine fault codes play a big part in very fleet. Using Geotab’s Fuel Usage and Fill-Up report, you can see the average MPG for your vehicles as well as verify a unit was in the same location it was fueled. Geotab is also a great source to see when your vehicles engine light is on or if there is are signs of engine abuse. Using the engine faults can help with proactive maintenance planning, and even allow you to create reminders for oil changes, tire rotations and more.

Productivity: Vehicle tracking allows for fleet and individual visibility, educated dispatching, viewing breadcrumbs, customer visit details, unauthorized stops, and long lunches. By using simple zones in Geotab, you can get an accurate report of how much time a driver spends driving, visiting customer, idling, and even stopping at home for a long lunch. You can import zones easily with a simple excel as often as needed to and even create rules to notify someone when a driver arrives or leaves. Simple dashboard reports can show you the percentage of time used for Personal Use and Business Use.

Driver Safety: Studies show that harsh acceleration and speeding behaviors in drivers can make them more likely to have an accident. By breaking down these behaviors by driver, you can see which drivers may need additional coaching. Geotab’s simple Driver’s scorecard can help you your driver’s behavior in a simple report so that you can coach those employees and help prevent accidents. Seat belt usage, speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, and harsh braking are just a few options you can choose to create your scorecard. Some insurance companies also allow for discounts with GPS and scorecard programs.

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