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Another Geotab Gem coming soon!

While Geotab has many features to make your life easier, one feature that is coming with the v.2004 update will make researching your driver history even better! Have you ever had the need to know which unit was in a specific place at a specific time? Maybe an incident happened and you needed to see if you actually had a unit in that area, or you just want to know who serviced a specific location. Previously you would use the Proximity add-in, which would only show a trail of the units, and was quite a slow process.

In version 2004, comes the addition of the “Area Activity Search”, to easily find out what happened in a particular area and time frame in minutes. Simply find the area on the map, zoom in and click, then select Area Activity. This will give you the option to enter a date and time range. Once you enter the data, you will click on Review area Activity to open a detailed Trips History page showing you any trips that happened during that time in the area you selected. Similar to proximity, but much more detailed and valuable. Once the History is opened, you can even export the data to an excel.

Geotab can help your business by increasing productivity, providing driver accountability and safety, increase your ROI and lower your preventative maintenance costs. If you are interesting in learning more about Geotab, please contact us for more information or a FREE Pilot.

If you would like to see new features as they are released, be sure to go to your user account on the UI settings tab and scroll down to Feature Preview. Make sure this setting is turned on to see all the new features!

Area Activity Search

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