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Geotab, Dash Cams & Your Fleet

Regardless of the amount of training and classes you provide for your drivers, there is no better solution in safety than a dash cam. A dash cam is a smart video camera that captures footage inside & outside of the cabin. Some even offer a 360 degree view of the road on all sides of the vehicle. Allowing you to see exactly what the driver sees, coach them in real time, and keep them safe.  Mitigation in the event of an accident can be expensive, but, what if you had proof of exactly what happened?

The average cost of a tractor-trailer collision is approximately $382,000.00 and up to 4.8 million if a fatality occurs.

Dash cams can save money in court as well as maintenance costs, insurance premiums, collision repairs, damages, and even theft.

Dash cams are able to capture not only collision events and crashes, but harsh braking, acceleration, distracted driving, seatbelt usage, aggressive behavior, drifting, rolling stops, speeding, tailgating and even cell phone usage.

Dashcams can also assist DOT managers in assigning those unassigned driving events which can be a major hassle.  Dash cams assist in driver accountability ensuring they are responsible for their actions, as well as their employment status. They have also shown to increase productivity as drivers get from point A to point B safely getting the job done.

Many options are out there in terms of dash cams and what the best options are. If you currently have Geotab, the Marketplace offers around 15 different options for dam cams that can be integrated with Geotab for a quick and easy solution such as Nauto, Surfsight, Lytx, and Guardian.

Depending on your fleet size, most companies will allow you to demo a product before you purchase at no cost to you. This is a great idea to test the resolution, connectivity, and integration with your current platforms.

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