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Monthly Archives: October 2022

What’s new in Geotab Drive — Version 9.0

Welcome to our latest summary of updates in Geotab Drive. Geotab Drive users: To verify your version on your Android phone, go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Geotab Drive, and check the version number at the bottom of the screen, (e.g. Version 6.1.3).   Partners: Review this post for important changes affecting your Customers and note any recommendations. If you have […]

City of Fishers, Indiana: Strengthening services with connected fleets and real-time data insights

The City of Fishers is a vibrant, growing suburb of Indianapolis. Since becoming Mayor in 2015, Scott Fadness has been committed to attracting more residents and businesses to the city and his efforts are paying off. The population of Fishers has grown from 79,000 in 2010, to over 100,000 residents today. The city has also […]


Engine idling has virtually no benefit. It pollutes the environment, consumes fuel, takes valuable labor time, and contributes to engine wear. Fortunately, you can use your fleet tracking software to identify excess idling and reduce it. This will not only make your fleet more efficient but will also save you money. The High Price of […]

Geotab named the number one global commercial telematics vendor by ABI Research for the third time

Company takes leading position in commercial telematics with over 3 million connected vehicles and global presence in more than 160 countries Toronto (October 5, 2022) –  As a result of the company’s continuous growth, well above the industry average,  Geotab Inc. (“Geotab”), a global leader in IoT and connected transportation, today announced that for the third time, it has […]

Video Telematics Can Help You Stay Safe and Save Money

Basic GPS tracking systems are a useful (but limited) tool for the simple task of keeping track of your vehicles’ location. Upgrading to a platform like Geotab and Surfsight Video telematics capabilities unlocks the power to see — and record — what’s happening inside and outside each truck in your fleet. Protecting your crews and […]

12 tips to cut down your fleet fuel expenses

Maximizing your vehicle’s miles per gallon (MPG) with fleet management technology can lower your fuel costs. Follow these 12 steps. Fuel prices are extremely volatile and are at their highest in the last seven years. What does this mean to a fleet owner? How do fuel prices affect fleet fuel economy? How can fleet managers improve […]

Driver safety for speeders: Tips for your fleet safety campaign

Stopping speeders requires action. There’s no denying that employers have an important role — and responsibility — in helping reduce the number of deaths and injuries related to vehicle collisions. Stopping fleet speeding requires action. Employers can positively influence employee safety on and off the job through safety-focused leadership.   Despite common belief, speeding doesn’t save […]

ELD tips for drivers: Best practices for use

Read this helpful guide with essential ELD tips for truck drivers, including what to do before, during and after your workday. The electronic logging device (ELD) mandate in the U.S has been in effect for a little more than three years. Canada has postponed its ELD mandate, until January 1, 2023. Unlike in the U.S., where ELD devices […]