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Category Archives: Compliance News

Extreme Weather Events and Geotab

After the recent Polar Vortex disrupted power to the enter state of Texas, you may ask yourself “How can we better manage our risk for extreme weather?” Weather is unpredictable, especially in Texas. Poor road conditions and congested roads, add to the weather hazards by slowing down our drivers, risking safety, and damages to our […]

Sustainability with Geotab

Are you considering changing your fleet to Electric Vehicles? Did you know Geotab can help you reduce your carbon footprint as well as track your vehicles? In January 2020 Geotab’s leaders spoke of new features coming regarding EV’s, some of which have been released and are now available in feature preview. As they say, “Sustainability […]

Understanding Harsh Events and how they impact your fleet.

Do you ever wonder how the GPS in your car can tell if you performed a harsh event such as harsh braking, harsh cornering, or harsh acceleration? When a vehicle is equipped with a telematics device such as Geotab, the device, when installed properly can determine harsh driving events by measuring the acceleration or G-force. […]

Geotab Hidden Gems #1

Have you ever had that one situation where you really needed to know which driver was in a specific area during a specific time frame? Maybe someone complained about a driver, or even claimed one of your trucks threw a rock and broke their windshield or damaged their vehicle. This can be frustrating because the […]

Reduce Costs. Boost Productivity. Increase Profit. Improve Safety.

Be a GPS Hero in your company… Fleet utilization, optimization and productivity are often overlooked. By using a telematics system such as Geotab, you can improve utilization, fleet optimization, and increase productivity. Fleet Utilization: Utilization in a fleet allows for flexibility to handle demand. Determining if you have the right quantity of vehicles in the […]

Government & Education Contract Award

Can-Am Wireless IT Technology Solution is proud to be awarded with the following contracts: TIPS 190302 (Technology Solutions Products and Services (3))  GSA 58#GS-03F-053D (Professional Audio/Video Telemetry/Tracking, Recording/Reproducing and Signal Data Solutions) 70#GS-35F-0143R (General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Services) TX-DIR DIR-TSO-TMP-3866 (Miscellanous IT) DIR-TSO-TMP-3897 (Video Conferencing) DIR-TSO-3784 (Software – StorageCraft) DIR-TSO-4075 (Emergency Preparedness)