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Can-Am’s temperature monitoring device has the capability to scan up to 2,400 individuals per hour and instructs users to wear a mask (the A.I. Monitor speaks to participants and can be customized, to suit your needs). The device can be integrated with a turnstile gate, label printer, or badge card reader to improve the safety of your business. The machine reads a person’s temperature in under one second and is more accurate than most thermometers on the market. The screening station also has the capability of facial recognition; identifying the subject, indicating their temperature, whether or not they’re wearing a mask and recording the interaction.


Since May of 2020, Can-AM has gradually rolled up more than two dozen temperature monitors to seven different locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Can-Am’s equipment beat out another product on the market because of Can-Am’s superior performance; faster detection speed, further range to detection temperature, accuracy and lower cost per unit.

• 1:1 Screening Station
• Detection Range from 1ft-4ft
• Integrated to Improve Safety
• See Real Time Thermal Imaging
• Ability to Identify Subjects
• Lower Unit Price


The no touch CAN-AM A.I. Monitor, placed in each hospital’s entrance, has proven simple, efficient and effective for quickly taking temperatures of thousands of patients and staff daily while reminding them to wear a mask and welcoming them to the facility.

• Contactless Screening screening Station
• Fully Customizable, Unique Display, Audio & More
• Ten Times Faster than the Competition
• Monitor can be Adjusted to any Height
• Thermographic System Utilizes 3-4 Points at your Forehead
• Tells Subject to Wear a Mask