Better Business with CAN-AM

With the capability of scanning up to 2,400 individuals per hour and instructing users to wear a mask, CAN-AM’s A.I. temperature monitoring device is fully customizable; speaking to participants and asking them to maskup. The device can be integrated with a turnstile gate, label printer, or badge card reader to improve the safety of your business. The machine reads a person’s temperature in under one second and is more accurate than most thermometers currently on the market. Additionally, the screening station has the capability of facial recognition; identifying the subject, indicating their temperature, whether or not they’re wearing a mask and tracking QR code Covid-19 screening question.


Like many metropolitan areas around the U.S., when the pandemic hit, Miami Dade County had many needs related to Covid-19 prevention and were unsure where to start. In a matter of weeks, from order to delivery and implementation, CAN-AM was able to facilitate the delivery of 400+ A.I. temperature monitoring devices.

• Contactless Screening
• Detection Range from 1ft-4ft
• Integrated to Improve Safety
• Real Time Thermal Imaging
• Thermographic System Uses 3-4 Points at your Forehead
• Ten Times Faster than the Competition
• Fully Customizable, Unique Display Audio & More
• Lowest Unit Price


Besides being utilized inside of local government offices Miami Dade County will strategically choose local businesses who have applied for Covid relief funds, to receive an A.I. temperature device. In addition to the Automated Rapid Temperature Screening Station, the PPE packages will also include face shields, sanitizers and foggers (all available through CAN-AM). Thus, having a far greater reach on its residents and economy during the pandemic.

“Thanks so much for the great communication!! We really appreciate the work you guys have done so far and for being super responsive to this request!”