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Steel Wireless Bluetooth Headset in Black

SKU: 535402

$99.99 $89.99

Introducing Jabra’s toughest headset ever. The Jabra Steel Wireless Bluetooth Headset is industrial strength made for trade workers and others who demand a lot from their tools. Whether you�re on-site, covered in dirt or up on a tower in high winds maintaining a wireless network you will remain connected. Keep your smartphone in your pocket as its designed to resist dust, dirt, grime and water. It�s even shock resistant, so it can take a drop from up high. If you use gloves on the job no worries as the headset has extra-large buttons, sealed to resist water and dust, so you have easy access to Siri/Google Now. When you get a call, just say �answer� to pick it up. This works with the Jabra Assist app, a very powerful voice assistant that allows you to customize your call experience. Adjust audio quality, change your spoken language, read out text messages and much more. Automatic text messages read out is for Android devices only. On iOS, Siri supports the read out of text messages.