Can-Am: Solution Oriented

Can-Am’s kitting of custom bundles and quick response has been really
appreciated by our depot team. Keep up the good work!
-SAFELITE Representative

The Challenge

Safelite came to Can-Am after being unable to findanother company to fulfill its requests: Deploying over5,000 Galaxy Note 2,3,4 cases used daily by Safelite’stechnicians.
These phone models were frequently repurposed overthe course of several years. The cases seemed to have atwo-year life span and Safelite wanted to be able tohave them delivered on a timely and continual basis.

The Solution

Can-Am arranged and coordinated custom productionof the cases/holsters from a manufacturing partner to besent directly to Safelite’s fulfillment center. Can-Am wasable to create custom mobile phone cases to fit Safelite’scorporate color scheme.
Can-Am continued to produce cases, on an as neededbasis for Safelite’s Galaxy Note 2 and 3 models, evenwhen they could not be found elsewhere.

Because of the Can-Am & Safelitepartnership, Safelite was able to continueprotecting its equipment for severalyears, saving them thousands of dollarsand hassle.