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With instant fleet tracking and extensive analytic capabilities available at your fingertips, Can-Am can help you harness the data you already have to uncover efficiency gaps and problem areas, maximizing the power of your entire fleet. CHALLENGE: The challenge for Shine: A lack of visibility of its fleet during working hours, Employee compliance of driving vehicles after hours; Resulting in high insurance rates (due to the possibility of many unknowns).


With Can-Am’s partnership with Geotab, our approach
combines both the excellence of our technology experts
and our systems. For SHINE’s fleet, CAN-AM deployed
easy to install Geotab fleet telematic devices with configured custom reports.

○ Driver Scorecard
○ Fuel/Fill-ups
○ Zones
○ Map
○ Maintenance
○ Trip Detail




Shine Window Cleaning started seeing results after just one month of use. After utilizing Can-Am’s recommended products, the difference could easily be seen.

Better Insurance Rate
Full Visibility to fleet’s locations
Better control on fuel card use & miles per gallon
Able to locate drivers closest to customers
Optimization of each driver’s route
Automated alert on vehicle maintenance