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City of Austin, Texas: Managing fleets with telematics in a once-in-a-century storm

The City of Austin, Texas’ fleet operations services an inter-city region of 4,200 square miles and needed an enterprise solution to cut costs, improve efficiency and increase its safety profile. It found a solution in Geotab, which was successfully put to the test in February 2021 during Winter Storm Uri. The once-in-a-century storm caused massive […]

ELD mandate: Suggesting edits to verified HOS logs

Learn more about new changes to driver log editing based on updated U.S. and Canadian ELD mandates. In accordance with the ELD mandate in the U.S. and Canada, administrators for MyGeotab and Geotab Drive will now only be able to suggest edits to a driver’s log once the logs are verified. This is a necessary change to comply with […]

How does “Chipageddon” affect your fleet

With the pandemic disrupting supply chains, several industries are feeling the pain. From Automakers, which use 50 to 150 chips per vehicle, to GPS companies who use chips in their devices. Several telematics companies are reporting shortages in their supply chains. This ripple effect will be felt for a while, however, if you have a […]

Expandability with Geotab

You bought the GPS, now what? Besides the amazing reporting, tracking, HOS, and maintenance tracking, Geotab goes beyond the typical offerings with SDK. Geotab incorporates and open API to give you your data how you want it. If you want to simplify or automate a process, or maybe even add a unique functionality to support […]

Fleet Savings & Geotab

What if you could see exactly what driver behaviors affected your bottom line? Did you know that behaviors such as hard acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, speeding seatbelt usage and idling can affect your wallet? Maybe a FREE downloadable report that can easily be dropped into your Geotab database would have these answers. The Fleet […]

Sustainability with Geotab

Are you considering changing your fleet to Electric Vehicles? Did you know Geotab can help you reduce your carbon footprint as well as track your vehicles? In January 2020 Geotab’s leaders spoke of new features coming regarding EV’s, some of which have been released and are now available in feature preview. As they say, “Sustainability […]

Marketplace Options for Distracted Driving

Have Geotab in your fleet but want to take safety a step further? The Geotab Marketplace offers many options for distracted driving to improve driver safety. Specifically, Surfsight and the new addition of Nauto to name a few. Camera systems can be placed into your fleet with both rear and forward-facing cameras to capture accidents, […]

Understanding Harsh Events and how they impact your fleet.

Do you ever wonder how the GPS in your car can tell if you performed a harsh event such as harsh braking, harsh cornering, or harsh acceleration? When a vehicle is equipped with a telematics device such as Geotab, the device, when installed properly can determine harsh driving events by measuring the acceleration or G-force. […]

Geotab Hidden Gems #3

Collision Reconstruction- Using GPS technology, Geotab helps fleets understand the events that occurred before, during and after a collision. With Collision Reconstruction, users can view the drivers trip history, collision and log data, speed profile, accelerometer data, and RPM graphs. This valuable data gives you the tools you need for accident reporting, insurance, and potential […]