Equipment Replacement Planning – Whether your organization has experienced budget cuts due to Covid-19 or not, smart planning for asset replacement is a key component to running an efficient operation.

We have simplified the complexity of equipment replacement planning by developing software that you may utilize or by simply using the reports it provides.


  • Easy to use with clients only needing a one-hour class to master this robust software. 
  • Identify optimal replacement time for every vehicle and piece of equipment in your fleet. 
  • A variety of data-driven reports with just one click. 
  • Accurate replacement scheduling based on six key criteria vs. only age, mileage and cost. 
  • We scrub your data then import it into PROFIT$ to ensure accuracy. Delivered to you ready to go. 
  • Our SaaS model enables installation on various devices so you can work “anywhere, anytime, anyplace”. 
  • Use as a stand-alone software for managing your assets OR integrate with your current FMIS, Accounting, ERP, GPS or Fuel Management System. 
  • Beautiful dashboard and reports. 
  • Birth certificate record for every asset. 
  • Permission levels available 
  • Image Viewer: Include a picture/thumbnail of a part, a work order, asset photo, accident damage, or an insurance record for quick visual reference. 
  • Depreciation graphic function for custom bell curve review. 
  • Eliminate time wasted using excel spreadsheets or a cumbersome software module. 
  • Tracks maintenance, either target or non-targeted expenses or both. 
  • Easy to understand reports based on data. PROFIT$ reports provide definitive costs that promote your case for timely replacement to your Mayor and other decision makers. 
  • View replacement costs and schedules by class and/or department. 
  • Use the 10-year projection report to plan long-term infrastructure needs. 
  • Ten-year projections show depreciation, growing maintenance costs and the projected replacement cost on every asset. 
  • Quick export of any standard report to CSV, PDF, or Excel or Word. 
  • One click to email any report to any member of your team. 
  • Reports are easy for anyone to understand whether a fleet professional, Administrator, City Manager, Mayor, Public Works Director or the Financial Dept. 
  • Eliminate customers demand for replacement before its optimal replacement cycle. 
  • Customize with ease. 
  • Simple import of updates and/or new assets. 
  • Trackable method of removal of assets. 


We would be happy to demonstrate PROFIT$ to you and your team via a live, on-line demo.