We pride ourselves on a tradition of outstanding customer care and support. Our devoted team of account representatives understands that our customers are the hallmark of our enduring partnerships. It is important for our customers to understand the standards that have been established within our industry regarding the terms and conditions of a sale. The purchase of technology products and solutions are subject to manufacturer restrictions which may be different from other product purchases you transact. Most of the products and solutions we sell are subject to a manufacturer’s warranty and recall policy. The warranty (including recall notice) provided by the manufacturer is the first place to look for assistance with difficulties that may accompany your purchase.

To obtain information regarding manufacturer’s warranties & recall, please, contact us at the following e-mail address, or call us:
(866) 976-4177

We encourage you to request information from any of our account executives about extending the service period on any of the products or solutions that you purchase.
Most manufacturers offer a one year warranty on all new equipment. During the warranty period, you may call the manufacturer to receive warranty service. The manufacturer will attempt to solve your problem via phone. If a situation extends beyond the manufacturer’s service centers ability to resolve, please contact your Can-Am Wireless Business representative for further guidance (or


General 30 days Return Policy:

  • For a Product to be eligible for a 30 days return, it must be in Resale Condition (one hundred percent (100%) complete, including all original boxes, packing materials, manuals, blank warranty cards, and other accessories provided by the OEM, and the seal on disks intact), received within the time periods described in this policy, and not designated as “non cancellable” or “non returnable” when quoted.
  • If the product is recalled / being recalled by the Manufacturer or governing entity, it is the full responsibility of the OEM / Manufacturer.
  • If the Product is a special order item or not in Resale Condition, then Can-Am Wireless will accept the return only if the OEM/Manufacturer will accept the return from Can-Am Wireless.
  • Unless otherwise stated herein, shipping, and if applicable, OEM restocking fees, shall be at Customer’s cost.
  • If return is due to Can-Am Wireless’ error, and the return request is made by Customer within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of Product, then Can-Am Wireless will accept the return at no additional cost to Customer.
  • If Customer ordered the incorrect Product or has decided that it no longer wants the Product, then Can-Am Wireless will accept the return from Customer, provided the OEM will accept the return from Can-Am Wireless. OEM charges, if any, will pass to Customer. Shipping shall be at Customer’s cost.
  • If the Product has concealed damage (i.e. there is no evident damage to external packaging), is defective, or dead on arrival (DOA), Can-Am Wireless will accept the return from Customer, provided the OEM will accept the return from Can-Am Wireless; in any event, the OEM’s policies (which may include processing as a warranty claim) will apply. Can-Am Wireless will order a replacement unit within one (1) business day of notice of damage, defect or DOA from Customer.


Incorrect Order:

If Customer determines in its reasonable discretion that Products are not in conformance with the description in the Order, then Customer may at its option, either:

  1. Request that Can-Am Wireless promptly initiate an order to replace the non-conforming Product at no cost to Customer, in which case Can-Am Wireless will order a replacement unit within three (3) business day of notice of non conformance from Customer. Customer shall return the Product to Can-Am Wireless, at no cost to Customer; or
  2. Terminate the non-conforming portion of the applicable Order. Customer shall return the Product to Can-Am Wireless at no cost to Customer, and Can-Am Wireless, upon receipt of the Product, shall promptly refund to Customer any payments made to Can-Am Wireless, therefore, provided that the request for such return was made within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of Product by Customer, and that the return will be made in accordance with Can-Am Wireless’ RMA process, described below.


Transit/Shipping Damage:

If a package containing Product purchased from Can-Am Wireless arrives at Customer’s ship-to address with external damage, Customer should refuse to accept delivery from the carrier. If Customer does accept delivery of such a package, Customer must:

  1. note the damage on the carrier’s delivery record so that Can-Am Wireless may file a claim;
  2. save, as is, the merchandise and the original box and packaging it arrived in; and
  3. promptly notify Can-Am Wireless in writing within five (5) calendar days of delivery acceptance to arrange for carrier’s inspection and pickup of the damaged merchandise.

If Customer does not comply with the above requirements, Customer will be deemed to have accepted the Product as if it had arrived undamaged, and Can-Am Wireless’ regular return policy, as described herein, and all OEM warranties and restrictions will apply.


RMA Policy:

In order for Can-Am Wireless to accept return, Customer must first obtain from Can-Am Wireless and apply a Returned Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) to the returned Product. If Customer returns Product directly to the OEM, distributor, or Can-Am Wireless without an RMA, then Can-Am Wireless shall not be responsible for accepting such return, Product replacement or refund, and such return may void any Customer claims on the Product. Customer shall ship all Product returns to Can-Am Wireless designated recipient DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).