CAN-AM, in partnership with Geotab and Ford Commercial Solutions (FCS), is now offering you the opportunity to pilot the Geotab Integrated Solution for Ford vehicles.

The pilot program will allow you to test the Ford embedded solutions complimentary for up to 90-days, giving you a chance to experience Geotab’s world leading platform while gaining:

  • Key insights about vehicle performance to help improve your business
  • Direct access to valuable OEM-grade vehicle data
  • Actionable insights with distilled data collected through Geotab
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Who can participate?
Fleets with a Ford modem-equipped vehicle that are not already subscribed to a Ford data services program.

Fleet customers must have a FIN (Fleet Identification Number) from Ford to enroll vehicles. You will need to submit a VIN list of 2019 or newer Ford vehicles for hardware validation to

How many vehicles are allowed in the pilot program?

  • For fleets that are 250 and under: 2 vehicles.
  • For fleets that are 250 and over: up to 10 vehicles.

For more information on the benefits of Geotab Integrates Solution for Ford Vechicles, view our product brochure.

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