GPS Power Tracking

It’s hard to know what’s really happening out in the field. That can mean missed opportunities, poor productivity or unnecessary costs. Can-Am can help change that, with a full 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations.

Increase fleet visibility

Know what’s going on in the field so you can dispatch more efficiently, improve customer service and reduce time spent calling drivers for updates. Can-Am fleet tracking supports both small and large business fleets.

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Get a Free live demo

Contact us to schedule a live GPS Telematics demo to show you how our platform can best fit your business objectives.

Extensive Tracking Analytics

With instant fleet tracking and extensive analytic capabilities available at your fingertips, Can-Am can help you harness the data you already have to uncover efficiency gaps and problem areas, maximizing the power of your entire fleet. Can-Am has partnered with Geotab, our approach combines both the excellence of our technology experts and our systems.

Data Capture & Reporting

Can-Am captures data from the GeoTab telematics devices so that you can view report, alerts, and key performance indicator. This allows for real time data analysis and can drive total cost of ownership optimization.

Improve Customer Experience

Our fleet tracking tool helps your business to get to customers faster and respond quickly to customer emergencies. Provide proof of time on site and make service calls more efficient.

Call Us For Fleet Telematics: 866-976-4177

Refer a friend

For each unit activated as a result of your referral, Can-Am extends to you a free month’s credit. This not only reflects our gratitude for your support but also exemplifies how our collaborative efforts can yield substantial gains.