ElectroClave™ UV-C Disinfection

The ElectroClave provides an all-in-one solution for mobile device management and UV-C disinfection by offering cloud-based oversight and 360° disinfection technology, destroying pathogens on all sides of electronic devices. The ElectroClave is the perfect enterprise solution for disinfecting and managing mobile devices in healthcare settings.

UV-C Smart Sanitization

  • 360 Degree Exposure
  • Rapid Sanitization
  • AOAC Efficacy Testing
  • Zero Material Degradation

Adaptable for Multiple Devices

Multiple bay configurations to accommodate most handheld electronics and mobile devices for easy sanitization.

Compliance Policy Monitoring

Allows custom policies to be deployed by device, by user, or by department to ensure compliance 

Integrated RFID Technology

Leverages RFID technology for device tracking and management along with hands-free employee badge access

Patient Facing Device Mgmt

Increase patient safety by ensuring devices are properly sanitized and digitally wiped before and after use through the integration with various MDM solutions

Hospital Issued Device Mgmt

Increase infection control compliance, workflow efficiency, and reduce device loss by gaining visibility into staff and device activity. 

Smart Sanitization

Smart, 360-degree sanitization within the ElectroClave ensures your devices are getting properly sanitized without any material degradation to help maintain the life of your mobile electronics. The ElectroClave provides the flexibility to adjust sanitization cycle times based on workflow or efficacy needs. 

Adjustable Configurations

Given the ability to adjust sanitization bay sizes and shelf configuration options, the ElectroClave provides the flexibility to adapt to the multiple device shapes and sizes. This allows for the sanitization of multiple devices at once, to help with the change in workflow demand.
With space being at a premium within your organization, the ElectroClave can be wall mounted, stacked on top of each other and even desk secured to counter tops if required. An onboard network switch allows multiple ElectroClaves to be daisy chained together to help minimize the need for multiple network drops. 

Compliance Policy Monitoring

The ElectroClave online portal allows managers to set and manage infection control policies for your managed mobile devices. Set policies at a system level, department or by individual device to help drive and maintain compliance. As devices, workflows, and policies change, the ElectroClave online portal can easily adapt to these changes with ease.

Integrated RFID Technology

The ElectroClave platform leverages the use of RFID technology to provide easy access along with device-to-user identification. Use your existing 125KHz or 13.56MHz employee badges for easy access to the ElectroClave for device sanitization. Paired with UHF RFID-tagged devices, capturing usage and device data is effortless. Each time a user accesses the ElectroClave to either sanitize or remove a device, that information is captured through RFID scans and sent to the cloud portal.

Managing Hospital Issued Devices

The ElectroClave is the ideal solution for managing the disinfection compliance for your hospital issued devices. Rapid disinfection cycle time allow for seamless integrated sanitization of the staff’s devices with minimal downtime or effecting their work. With the use of RFID technology and easy badge access, management has visibility into compliance reports for both devices and users.


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