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“I am so happy with your company’s attention to detail! The comparison between Can-Am and your competitors is like night and day.”

Denise Griffin 

KGI Wireless Operations Manager

Better Business with Us

With instant fleet tracking and extensive analytic capabilities available at your fingertips, Can-Am can help you harness the data you already have to uncover efficiency gaps and problem areas, maximizing the power of your entire fleet. CHALLENGE: The challenge for KGI Wireless: A lack of visibility of its fleet during working hours, employee compliance of driving vehicles after hours; resulting in higher insurance rates (due to the possibility of many unknowns).


KGI chose Can-Am Telematics because it provided a simple solution to providing accountability and reports with the opportunity to grow with business. Can-Am set up KGI with asset reports, cameras and other integrations to allow the company to function more efficiently. In turn, saving the company money while allowing it to better serve its customers.
  • Driver Scorecard
  • Zones
  • Fuel / Fill-ups
  • Map
  • Maintenance
  • Trip Detail


KGI Wireless started seeing results shortly after instilation.
The telematics setup works seamlessly with existing software to further enhancing KGI and its ability to better servie its customer after just one month of use.

  • Better Insurance Rate
  • Full Visibility to fleet’s locations
  • Better control on fuel card use & miles per gallon
  • Able to locate drivers closest to customers
  • Automated alert on vehicle maintenance
  • Optimization of each driver’s route