As education leaders look ahead to the upcoming school year, many are eager to improve school safety & health requirement the that was brought on by COVID-19. But as the challenges towards implementing a cost effective safety measures continues, administrators are finding that they need to implement more efficient screening method that goes beyond just temperature screening so that school can utilize the equipment beyond just COVID-19 prevention.

In an era of tight budgets and timelines, this can be a challenge. But with the right tools in place, schools can overcome safety & security barriers in the increasingly tech-savvy education space. This case-study  will show administrators and educators how to:

  • Miami-Dade County & Hannah’s World use of AI tech for temperature monitoring
  • It is not just a thermometer, scaling the EnviroSafe to improve school safety on identifying people who are in restricted list (National background check), contact tracing, and visitor management system
  • Overcome school budget constraints with smart and scalable solutions
  • Accurate results of thermo-scanning & imaging in under one second + gesture recognition screening questions
  • Custom & quick solutions for safe school reopenings
  • Improved time & attendance tracking for school records