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Motivate drivers with fleet gamification

Learn about fleet gamification and how it can help your fleet improve driver safety, cut costs and achieve productivity. Looking for a great way to motivate drivers and improve their behavior? Try gamification. Companies are using gamification for employee motivation and much more, from marketing products to promoting social causes. Research and Markets forecasts that the […]

4 Reasons Why Tablets Are An Important Part of Your Technological Investment

4 Reasons Why Tablets Are An Important Part of Your Technological Investment   As consumer demands increase and the needs of today’s businesses change, businesses are finding out end-to-end visibility can effectively verify orders are assembled and delivered correctly within expected time-frames. Though handheld mobile computing devices have long been a staple for front-line workers, […]

Prepare your warehouse for future demands with the right mobile computers

Ever since COVID-19, consumers have increasingly become more dependent on delivery services. Since there is more dependence on delivery services, there is a higher demand for orders to be shipped faster, despite the increasing labor shortages, which have challenged supply chains long before the pandemic. That’s one of the main reasons why modernizing warehouse operations […]

Enhance Food Safety with Rugged Mobility Solutions

Monitoring your food and proper handling are key components in the success of your cold chain operation. Improper monitoring and handling can lead to ruined food due to wrong temperatures and slower operations due to device failure. These factors may later lead to worse consequences such as recalls and damaged brand identity. To prevent this, […]