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Geotab Hidden Gems #1

Have you ever had that one situation where you really needed to know which driver was in a specific area during a specific time frame? Maybe someone complained about a driver, or even claimed one of your trucks threw a rock and broke their windshield or damaged their vehicle. This can be frustrating because the person who is complaining usually wants you to pay for repairs. Maybe it really happened, or maybe you can prove it didn’t using your GPS.

You can go to your map in Geotab and enter the address and try to find who was there, but this process is long, and no one has time for that. In fact, with a fleet of 100+ this process could take hours and you may even have to reprocess your data overnight.

By creating a Proximity add-in, you can create a platform to find those units in a matter of minutes. By entering the address where the event occurred and a time frame for the incident, Geotab will show you all units that entered that area and even show their trail.

This process must be done by an administrator, or your reseller. If you would like more details on how to add Proximity to your account, or need help with the code, let me know! Can-Am Wireless also offers a FREE PILOT & Demo for Geotab if you are just getting started!

Once you have your code add-in completed. Go to Zones & Messages, and you will see a new icon labeled “Proximity”.

To use this feature, click on Proximity> Enter an address to search > adjust your size > select your vehicle or choose Show everyone > enter a “From” and “To” (start time and end time). Depending on the time frame chosen, this may take a several minutes to run as it is looking through a lot of data.

This feature can even help you with fuel theft. By entering the address of a gas station and a time frame, you can see if one of your units actually got gas, or let his wife borrow his fuel card.

Geotab has several add-ins that you can create to get your data more efficiently. That is what makes Geotab the best Telematics provider out there. With an open API to get your data how you want it, life is just easier.

Work Smarter not Harder!

For more information on Geotab or to request a FREE Demo, please complete the form below.

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