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The Geotab Community

Did you know that Geotab has its own Marketplace where you can get free reports and see what integrations are available with Geotab?

Currently, Geotab has 237 solutions in their Marketplace and 69 of those are free solutions.  With an open API and all the amazing products in their ecosystem, no wonder Geotab is #1. Downloading a simple excel from the marketplace and customizing it to your company for upload into your database makes creating new reports a breeze.

Geotab also has an amazing community of experts that are online to answer questions, help with troubleshooting, or even explain how to create a report. This allows a fast response to your question which often leads to multiple options as you get more perspectives than you would typically get calling support. When I started using Geotab, I found this very helpful as real people would jump in and give opinions on what they do in that situation or have a completely different idea on how to achieve what your looking for.

From questions like, “Why can’t I see my drivers”, or “How do you create an alert when a driver reaches its destination?” the community is there to explain. Just login and go to Collaborate to visit topics and ask questions.

You can also view release notes in the community to see what new features are being released. You may also view previews in your Geotab User account.  If you haven’t already activated the preview option, go to your account under Users, and click on the UI settings tab. Scroll down to Feature previews: and toggle the button to on. This will allow you to see what is new when it is released into the database.

To get started with the Geotab community and see hundreds of videos on how to use Geotab, visit: Getting Started (

For more information on the Geotab Community or how to get your free trail of Geotab, please contact us using the form below.


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