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How does “Chipageddon” affect your fleet

With the pandemic disrupting supply chains, several industries are feeling the pain. From Automakers, which use 50 to 150 chips per vehicle, to GPS companies who use chips in their devices. Several telematics companies are reporting shortages in their supply chains. This ripple effect will be felt for a while, however, if you have a fleet consisting of Ford or GM vehicles 2019 or newer, there may be a work around.

Did you know that these units may already have Geotab installed? The Ford/GM OEM program allows for Geotab to connect to a unit without the hardware. This means that you get the data you need, in the same database as your GO Devices, without installing anything. The Ford/GM OEM Program does require a Fleet Identification number so that you may give access to your reseller, but no installation is required. The OEM Data Platform makes it possible to integrate 3rd party information and equipment straight to your Geotab database.

This will provide a cost advantage with no hardware or installation costs and no delays waiting for shipments of hardware to arrive.  This will allow you to receive valuable data at your fingertips along with all your other Geotab devices. If you are new to Geotab and want to try the FORD/GM OEM program, Can-Am Wireless can also offer you a free pilot and no cost to you.

Geotab is also currently working on integrations with John Deere, Volvo and International, as they are ever expanding their Ecosystem. They have also recently added a keyless solution which allows you to up your ROI with vehicle sharing capabilities. This will allow fleets to better utilize their assets. Imagine being able to park your car somewhere and see when another driver picks it up. For electric vehicles, you can even see the state of charge.

If you would like more information or details on how you can complete a free pilot with Can-am Wireless, Please contact us using the form below.


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