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4 Reasons Why Tablets Are An Important Part of Your Technological Investment

4 Reasons Why Tablets Are An Important Part of Your Technological Investment


As consumer demands increase and the needs of today’s businesses change, businesses are finding out end-to-end visibility can effectively verify orders are assembled and delivered correctly within expected time-frames. Though handheld mobile computing devices have long been a staple for front-line workers, many companies now need to bring the value of a desktop computer out into the field to drive efficiency and enable better workforce communications among workers who need a bigger screen, more computing capacity, or ‘handwritten’ data input capabilities to be more productive. Investing in rugged enterprise tablets is the best mobility solution for cases like this. In fact, according to Zebra’s recent public safety study, 95% of field service agencies plan to implement rugged tablets without keyboards, and 90% plan on investing in rugged 2-in-1 tablets. Rugged enterprise tablets offer many benefits to warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing plants, hospitals, and other industries.


  1. Military-grade reliability – Supplying your field service workers, utility technicians, and manufacturing teams with powerful, mission-critical devices can have a massive impact on workplace productivity. Consumer devices shut down in extreme temperatures and even in high humidity, but rugged enterprise tablets are built to combat challenging environments, including extreme heat and frigid cold. The most rugged tablets also withstand drops to concrete and are virtually immune to dirt, water, and dust.
  2. Unprecedented customization and control – The right device can prioritize different specifics to deliver the ultimate performance in your business. Front-line workers can prioritize drop-proof, high-visibility screens and GIS access, while public safety and healthcare workers can shift to 2-in-1 operations. Retailers may also need to look for devices that are user-friendly and built with superior ergonomics. Tablets are important as an investment because the right one can adapt to your industry to deliver the best performance possible.
  3. Sustainable performance throughout shifts – Streamline task management with tools for portability, including hot-swappable or auxiliary batteries, that allow enterprise tablets to last an entire shift without stopping or switching devices. Additionally, the memory storage and desktop-comparable processing power of rugged enterprise tablets make it easy to run high-performance, workflow-specific applications that introduce greater efficiency into workers’ days.
  4. Extended life cycles – Consumer-grade tablets simply last much shorter than rugged tablets and lack the features that improve life cycles. Long-lasting and easily replaceable components like batteries extend the life cycle of enterprise tablets compared to consumer-grade devices where the battery is not field replaceable and must instead be shipped out for service. In addition, other components like chargers and adapters are upgraded only when needed, rather than with every new device iteration.


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CAN-AM Wireless simplifies upgrades through the GO Zebra Trade-In Program, so you get the latest enterprise tablets and cash back rebates. Modernize your warehouse with Zebra’s versatile L10 Series rugged tablet platform that maximizes flexibility for increased performance in any industry. Follow these simple steps to start implementing effective mobility solutions.

  1. Purchase a qualified product
  2. Submit your reclaim form
  3. Trade in your legacy devices


Choose CAN-AM Wireless and Zebra Technologies for enterprise tablets that deliver superior performance and rugged durability to your operation. Contact us today to discover mobility solutions that prepare your business for the future.

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