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Marketplace Options for Distracted Driving

Have Geotab in your fleet but want to take safety a step further? The Geotab Marketplace offers many options for distracted driving to improve driver safety. Specifically, Surfsight and the new addition of Nauto to name a few. Camera systems can be placed into your fleet with both rear and forward-facing cameras to capture accidents, damage to vehicles and can even prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

You may ask how can a camera system prevent an accident? AI technology such as Nauto will notify the driver in the cab that they are distracted. When a driver loses contact with the road looking at his cell phone, or even closing his eyes, Nauto will verbally announce “Distracted” and alert the driver to pay attention to the road. In the event of an accident Nauto will also communicate via text or email to a manager with video allowing them to seek immediate assistance. Nauto has alerts available for tailgating, smoking and more, with a very detailed driver scorecard. This system allows for immediate intervention coaching drivers of bad behavior. Surfsight also works in a similar way using the rules you create in Geotab to record events as Geotab triggers the device. You can easily view the exceptions to see what happened during a collision, harsh event, or event a seat belt violation. Surfsight is beautifully integrated with Geotab to allow for ease of use, and information on events as they happen.

Data shows that a camera system such as Nauto can reduce collision frequency 40%-60% saving lives, and money. The average cost of an employee accident in 2017 was $31,000 dollars, with no fatalities. In the event of a fatality, this cost was raised to over 1 million. Nauto can help you to protect your investments, and your employees and depending on your insurance carrier, you may also save money on your insurance premiums.

If you have concerns with your fleet safety and want to learn more about your options, let us know!