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Sustainability with Geotab

Are you considering changing your fleet to Electric Vehicles? Did you know Geotab can help you reduce your carbon footprint as well as track your vehicles?

In January 2020 Geotab’s leaders spoke of new features coming regarding EV’s, some of which have been released and are now available in feature preview. As they say, “Sustainability is one of the hardest things to achieve”, but even with an Electric Fleet, Geotab can help.

With the addition of several new rules for Fleet Idling, and EV usage, users can create alerts to show when a vehicle is not sufficiently charged, entering a charging location with a low charge, exiting a charging location with a low charge and when it is done charging. This can help prevent a driver from being stranded and help you prepare routes more efficiently. You can also create your own customized reports for Idling along with an in-cab alert to notify the driver they have been idling too long.

In the Rules section, simple go to sustainability to turn these rules on and customize.

Idling- The default time is 5 minutes, but this can be adjusted to accommodate your preferences.

Fleet Idling- Similar to Idling, this option also allows you to turn on the location. For example, if you want to track Idle time at your facility or a specific location.

EV Low Charge- This rule will trigger when the Vehicles charge is below a certain value.

EV Enters Charging Zone with Low Charge- This rule will trigger when a vehicle enters a charging zone and needs to charge. Allowing notification in case the driver does not know or did not notice.

EV Exits Charging Zone with Low Charge- This rule may help prevent units leaving without being fully charged.

EV Done charging- This rule will notify when a unit is fully charged, allowing you to notify the driver the vehicle is ready to go or that the unit may be unplugged.

Idle reports are available in both Gas and EV vehicles, and as you may know, most Geotab reports can be exported in Excel very easily. You can also add in a formula on this excel to calculate the current cost of fuel giving you the exact cost of your Idle time. I have personally seen large companies save over $20k a month in fuel cost using this tool.

If you are looking for sustainability and saving fuel, let us help you! For more information, contact us with the form below.

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