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Extreme Weather Events and Geotab

After the recent Polar Vortex disrupted power to the enter state of Texas, you may ask yourself “How can we better manage our risk for extreme weather?”

Weather is unpredictable, especially in Texas. Poor road conditions and congested roads, add to the weather hazards by slowing down our drivers, risking safety, and damages to our vehicles.

It is important for companies to mitigate risks for drivers, keep costs down, perform maintenance repairs as well as understand how extreme weather can affect each aspect of those operations. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, weather plays a role in 22% of all vehicle crashes on average.

It is also important to weatherize your vehicles. Visibility is the most important thing, i.e., ensuring wipers are in good condition, your washer reservoir is full, and ice scrapers are in each vehicle. Tires also play a major role in your driver’s safety. Be sure to check tire pressure and tread. In some areas you must also have winter tire, be sure to check laws and regulations in the areas your fleet travels. Make sure to check your battery, as batteries may behave differently in the winter. Check your coolant levels to ensure your vehicles are able to withstand negative temperatures. Monitor fuel levels closely, you do not want to get stranded somewhere. Monitor dangerous driving and track routes closely. Geotab can monitor many of these things in the Engine & Maintenance options under measurements. Depending on your vehicles trim level, you can get tire pressure, fuel levels, coolant levels, and more all at your fingertips. You can even tell if a vehicles wipers are on, with a few clicks.

Geotab’s accident detection can alert you in cases where the G-Force shows an impact to a unit. This can assist you in getting your drivers help quickly.

Geotab recently added a weather function to their platform allowing you to see weather conditions anywhere in the US. If you go to the map page, and click show weather. This allows you to see weather conditions, and even the temperature where your vehicles are, and more importantly, where they are headed.

They also have options in the Marketplace for E-Horizon,  which allows you to send vehicles real time data on winter weather hazards enabling them to find safer routes. E-Horizon alerts drivers when they are at risk for hydroplaning, low visibility, ice, wind, hail, lightning, or other road conditions. This service is an additional charge through the Marketplace, so contact your reseller for more information.

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